Our Story

Welcome to a New Thing

We are a faith-based professional modern dance company.

What this means for us is that our faith in, relationship with, and passion for Jesus Christ influences everything that we do--in our lives and in the company.

We desire to produce excellent and professional work that glorifies Jesus by echoing his voice and heartbeat of love, forgiveness, and

redemption throughout the earth.


This ain't your typical "church dance."

Far from it.

Our dancers are trained professionals.

We produce works and perform in the

professional performing arts scene in 

our area, regionally, and

eventually internationally.

Most of our dancers have a mix of 10-15+ years of 

ballet technique training, modern dance

technique training, and/or professional experience

before joining our ranks.

Our Vision & Mission

"That every captive be set free!"

Freedom Dance Company exists to speak the truth in love in the form of dance. We aim to minister love, hope, beauty, joy, peace, comfort, life, healing, revelation, and freedom to all those who experience our work. Our choreography is grounded in biblical principles and scriptures, because we believe that the Bible is true and that “the truth will set you free” - Jesus Christ (John 8:32).

Company Membership

Company membership is by invitation only.

Those who have the desire to be invited to be an Intern, Apprentice, or full Company Member are asked to understand our core beliefs and values, which will be shared in writing with those interested upon request after a time of getting to know the company.

Freedom Dance Company welcomes dancers of all ages, faiths, backgrounds and training to request to visit our company class, and/or to audition for specific shows as a way to get to know us and start moving towards potential company membership. Attending class or being a part of a show is by invitation or audition only, and you can make your interest known by contacting Artistic Director, Rebecca Chadd at freedomdancecooregon@gmail.com. Learn more about Rebecca here.

For those interested in dancing with us, whether for a specific show, or ultimately as a member, know that we embrace the whole being: body, soul, and spirit. This means that we pray to God before rehearsals and often for each other. We are inspired by the scriptures of the Bible, and we occasionally tell narratives and stories from them. We talk about God and worship him with our lives and dance. Come see for yourself!