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January 5, 2019

Central High School Theater

Independence, Oregon

A Benefit Concert

Suggested Donation of

$10 Adults | $5 Children

About the show "Parables"

--click here to see pictures from the show!--

"Parables" is Freedom Dance Company's debut full-length performance--their first complete show since beginning their work in 2015. Inspired by ancient translated texts from the New Testament portion of the Bible, this show artistically zooms in on six parables of Jesus in an exquisite and moving way. 

Chosen at random out of over 30 parables, the six stories told during this evening weave an overarching narrative of redemption and hope for the viewer, covering a wide variety of universal human themes.

What audience members are saying about "Parables"...

- "...amazing! I was moved to tears..."

- "So many inspiring moments and beautiful elements..."

- "...a visual extravaganza!"

- "The music and dances were mesmerizing."

- ", so beautiful!!"

- "...we sat with tears and no words as it ended."

- "...excellent dancing."

- "...fantastic in every way!"

With four new works by Artistic Director, Rebecca Chadd, the evening also highlights two additional works from Kala Curtis (previously Shafer) and Barbie Everett. Complete with heart-moving music and beautiful modern and ballet choreography, the show is unforgettable and guaranteed to move your heart. Come join the story!

Please contact Artistic Director, Rebecca Chadd, if interested in coordinating a performance of a piece from this show.

Read more about our Jan. 5, 2019 performance of "Parables" on the Facebook event page.

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